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Warehouse Receipt Training Balaka Community Sensitisation

by Daniel Chilima, 23. March 2012

[extract] ACE is testing the idea of Warehouse receipts and its effects in a rural community of largely food deficit area by building this 500mt registered warehouse right in the middle of Balaka. This warehouse is ideally positioned to feed Balaka during acute lean season (low supply, high demand) of December to March at usually higher price to the benefit of a depositor. The report covers 2 community sensitisations and the district council project briefing.

Warehouse Receipt Training Nathenje Community Sensitisation

by Daniel Chilima, 22. March 2012 

 [extract] ACE Organized a day community sensitization workshops at Mpenu 12km from Nathenje and Nyanja communities 16km from Nathenje. Nathenje is a medium bread basket for central region of Malawi with normally high production areas.  

Practical Guide to Link Farmer NGO to Structured Trade

by Edna Chamgwera, 19. March 2012 

[extract] ACE in partnership with WFP and MLI has embarked on an expansion programme of  opening rural trade facilitation centres in order to effectively serve the rural areas

Balaka Warehouse Receipt Training

by Daniel Chilima, 1. March 2012

[extract] After a lot of deliberations on running of warehouses, the association decided that receipts will be issued to the association as well as individual deposits (member or non-member) therefore also holding association or individual right of sale. Individual depositors will adhere to minimum deposit volumes.

Training and Warehouse Receipt Modalities, Nathenje   

By Lucy Gondwe  28. February 2012 

[extract] Nathenje NASFAM site is along M1 road, about 37 kilometers from Lilongwe, the workshop attracted 9 Board members of Lilongwe South Smallholder association, representing three associations; Mpenu, Nyanya and Mlodzeni association. The objective was to sensitive members of Lilongwe South smallholder association on the benefit they can get from warehouse receipt system and to agree modalities on Nathenje certified warehouse operations. 

Training of Rural Warehouse Managers  

By Daniel Chilima  24. February 2012 

[extract] ACE identified 5 Warehouse managers to manage certified storage warehouses in Kafulu in the district of Dowa Central Malawi, Nathenje in Lilongwe south, and Balaka Southern Malawi. Ace took the warehouse managers to a warehouse management training in Mchinji on the 22nd to 23rd February 2012. 

Training of Kafulu Chiefs for Warehouse Receipts  

 By Daniel Chilima  14. February 2012

[extract] ACE is running a warehouse receipt project funded by Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) in partnership with European Union (EU). The project includes building and running of 3 rural warehouses for third party storage, and access to finance. Kafulu a community member based association has over 7000 members 1400 of them growing ground nuts, Maize and Soya beans will now have access to a 500mt storage constructed meters from their door step.

Sensitiation of Msimbi Association 

By Daniel Chilima  7. February 2012 

[extract] Filled with excitement of the new coming season with most projects reaching a mature stage the half-day session attracted 16 men & 5 women, representatives from their respective clubs of the Msimbi association. The association has 350 members divided in 35 clubs and the farmers are mainly growing Maize, Soya, Ground nuts, and beans. 

Dowa Sensitization Meetings  

By Edna Chamgwera  5. January 2012 

[extract] The first meeting were held on 5th January at Simbi Trading Centre where 39 farmers from 13 Clubs attended. The second meeting was held on 6th January at Kasuntha Trading Centre and 97 farmers participated from 34 clubs. 

First Entry 

By Georgina Smith, Freelance  15. December 2011

[extract] This is the first entry of the Nathenje Journal, where we follow a community in Nathenje from the start of the warehouse receipt programme, to document their reaction to the installation of the facility. The warehouse at Nathenje will be equipped with state of the art storage facilities, complete with an integrated Internet and Computer Technology (ICT) hub.


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