Grace Halmiton is a farmer who has just joined Kafulu and deposited a small amount of maize in the Kafulu Warehouse.


Farmer Grace Halmiton Of The Kafulu Farmer 's Association Intends To Fund Her Livestock Business With The Funds From Her Receipt

Grace Halmiton


ACE Certified Maize Piled To Full Capacity In The Kafulu Farmer 's Association Warehouse               Inside Kafulu Warehouse                                               


I'm one of the people who bought my maize late so I didn't bring much to deposit, only 530kg. I had already sold most of my maize to vendors as I didn't know about the warehouse, and I got a much lower price than I should get if I put my maize in this warehouse - around K40 per kg. Now I can get finance of 70 percent of the value of that maize and I get will a better price when I decide to sell. I am aware of how the price is going to move and we are always told how the prices are going in town by the warehouse staff. My maize is safe here. I am waiting for the price to be a bit better before I sell. The warehouse is well fumigated and also if I ever run out of maize and need food in an emergency I can come and get my produce at any time. I am going to use the money I get from this finance to develop my business of buying relish and selling it in secondary schools and also to buy more livestock for milk production.