Nivson Stock, a Farmer on the outskirts of Nathenje Warehouse, was one of four farmers who trusted the warehouse system enough to deposit for the first time since it was built.


Farmer Nivson Stock Depositied 7.1Mt At The Nathenje Warehouse This Year

Mr Nivison Stock                                                                                                                           

This year I have managed to deposit 7.1Mt of maize. I trusted the system because I was told by the National Agricultural Smallholder Farmers Association Malawi which I know and have worked with. They said the warehouse would be secure and safe and I agreed when I saw it so I bought my maize here. The best thing was that I got 70 percent of the value of the maize at K245,000 and with that money I bought dairy cattle and also sent my five children to school. If I did not have my maize here then I would have sold to a vendor for a much lower price, around K40-45. With my maize in the warehouse I can decide when I want to sell and I will not sell for less than K75 as now I know about the prices from ACE. They keep me up to date with what prices there are in town. If I didn't get that finance up-front I would have had problems in paying school fees but also ploughing the field and paying for labour and other inputs like seed and fertiliser for the next season. I usually do the labour and plough the fields myself, but I need to get some help as well. I managed to harvest the 7.1Mt that I have put in the warehouse as I am an accomplished farmer and I have plenty of maize to eat at home as well. I am going to encourage other farmers to start planting early so that they can deposit their maize and get finance.  Next year this warehouse will not be big enough and I am enthusiastic we will be able to improve on our harvests.