ACE brings hope to Dedza farmers

By Frank Kadzakumanja

As the harvesting season draws close, farmers have been urged to consider using Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa (ACE) when selling their commodities. ACE organized a sensitization meeting on 11th April, 2013 in Kafulama village, T.A. Chilikumwendo in Dedza district located on the M1 road 85 km south of Lilongwe. The objective of the meeting was to sensitize farmers on ACE's services such as the Warehouse Receipt System (WRS), trading platform and market information system. The meeting attracted farmers, chiefs as well as Agriculture Extension Officers within Dedza district.

Speaking at the meeting was Chief Kafulama who hailed ACE for its tremendous effort in ensuring that the value of the agricultural market is increased through market price dissemination and access to better storage and finance."Before we knew about ACE, we used to be tricked by vendors who were buying our crops at very low prices, now with the coming in of ACE we know that this will be a thing of the past" he said.

At the function, Trade facilitation manager for ACE, Chipiliro Kantikana said that he was very pleased to note that the meeting was well attended and that farmers were delighted to learn more about Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa (ACE)."ACE focuses on trade facilitation to assist farmers to trade fairly and reap the benefits of higher prices. It is encouraging to learn that most farmers in Dedza have embraced the concept" he said.

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C.Kantikana Making a presentation to Dedza farmers on ACE's services 


 Sensitization Participants Listening Attentively to the presentation                             

ACE is implementing the Warehouse receipt system (WRS) because under this system, an owner of a commodity can deposit grain securely, until it is profitable to sell, and opt to receive a warehouse receipt, which can be used to obtain immediate finance from a reputable bank. A depositor can also choose to obtain seed and fertilizer during planting season so that the cost is paid back when the receipt is sold. The USAID Integrating Nutrition in Value Chains (INVC) project supports ACE's structured trade system so that poverty is reduced and nutrition is improved in Malawi.


Quick Facts

  • Trade facilitation community sensitization 11th April, 2013
  • 135 Participants (65 male & 70 female)
  • Dedza has a population of 623, 789 & 8 constituencies