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24. February 2012 - Joint COMPETE and SATH Mission to ACE

USAID COMPETE can no longer fund projects in Malawi and will therefore end their directly relationship with ACE when the 2nd grant comes to an end 31st
March 2012. The USAID Southern Africa Trade Hub (SATH) has expressed interest in extending support to continue the activities started by COMPETE and ACE. A
joint mission by Mr Ian Goggin from COMPETE and Mr Emile Matthee from SATH has just come to an end. Mr Emile Matthee was introduced to the scope of ACE
activities and the environment ACE operates in. SATH will now review the findings and ACE hopes a formal partnership can be started.


6. January 2012 - COMPETE approve no-cost extension

ACE had requested a no-cost extension from COMPETE to extent the project duration from 15. January 2012 to 31 March 2012. The request is now approved. Thank you COMPETE


15. November 2011 - Bester Mora, Small Farmer and Trader

By Georgina Smith, Freelance 

[extract] I registered with ACE as a trader and put five tonnes of maize on the market. Within three weeks they found me a buyer from the Southern region of the country. Now I have supplied the World Food Programme and used the profits from my maize to reinvest in my shop in Midisi.


15. November 2011 - Andrew Kachete, Small Trader

By Georgina Smith, Freelance

[extract] Even then there are long queues at the silos. I have spent the night outside the silo before. I decided to use the receipt system to help me find a market. I was the second person to use the system and ACE found me a contract for 30kg of maize.


18. October 2011 - Warehouse Receipt System Story

By Georgina Smith, Freelance 

[extract] There is a flurry of activity in Lilongwe's Agricultural Commodity Exchange (ACE), as numbers flicker on a large screen projected onto the wall of the on-line auction room. Everyone watches as the prices of maize fluctuate with sellers gearing up to land a deal in the last seconds of the auction. 


10. October 2011 - First Warehouse Receipt Issued

By Paida Mpaso, The Nation

[extract] Malawi's first public warehouse receipt has been issued at GSL (a Farmers World Company) silos in Kanengo, Lilongwe. The Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa (ACE) and Grain Traders and Processors Association (GTPA) has implemented the system, which is still in the pilot phase, but all the fundamentals are in place.


13. July 2011 - Growth of the Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa for Africa

By Paida Mpaso, The Nation

[extract] At the NRC field day in April Honourable Professor Peter Mwanza told journalists how ACE is trying to assist farmers

find markets and the Honourable Minister even said that anyone, who produced a crop, should get in contact with ACE.

So why is this good advice?


4. April 2011 - Press Release, CP Feeds Announcement


[extract] CP Feeds will buy Maize, Soya Beans, Sun Flower and Cotton Seeds through ACE this 2011 season. Agricultural Commodity Exchange for Africa (ACE) would like all suppliers interested in supplying CP Feeds with Maize, Soya Beans, Sunflower and Cotton Seeds to contact ACE.