1) Depositor Details

  • Entity:

  • Contact:

    Elemia Redman
  • Physical Address:

    Chilanga,T/A Kaomba
  • Postal Address:

    P.O Box 94,Kasungu
  • Tel:

  • Fax:

  • Email:

  • Proceeds Assignment:

2) Warehouse details

  • Warehouse Name:

    Chilanga Warehouse
  • Warehouse Manager:

    Omnings Mkwala
  • Warehouse Operator:

    Chilanga Farmers Trust
  • Warehouse Number:

  • Location:

  • Fax:

  • Email:


3) Commodity Details

  • Commodity Name:

    Maize Grain
  • Variety:

    White Maize (non GMO)
  • Grade:

  • Crop Year

  • Quantity:

    10.65  MT
  • Total Draw Down:

    47.86 MT
  • Volume at Current Moisture:

    9.33 MT at 10.30 %
  • Volume loss at current Moisture:

    1.43 MT
  • Volume at Standard Moisture:

    9.54 MT

4) Storage Cost as of  21 Sep 2020

Cost codeCost (MWK)
Fixed Handling79,981.20
Bags and Bagging203,285.55
Daily Storage Fee3,426,607.53

Storage settled till : 21/09/2020
Amount Financed :
Final Settlement Till Date : 0
Accumulated Interest Till Date : 0
Placement : Assigned

5) This Warehouse Receipt is subject to the terms and conditions stipulated in:

  • The ACE Warehouse Receipt Rules
  • The parties acknowledge themselves to be familiar with and to be bound by the defaults terms and conditions if applicable as stipulated generally by the Regulations of ACE.
  • ACE Arbitration Rules - Any dispute arising under this or in relation to this Warehouse Receipt shall be submitted to Arbitration in terms of regulation 38 of the regulations of ACE.

6) Audit Trail

09/08/2017WHR CreatedElemia Redman1.05
21/08/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman2.50
22/08/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman4.84
23/08/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman2.85
28/08/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman4.42
31/08/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman5.03
31/08/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman4.50
31/08/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman4.50
02/09/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman5.21
02/09/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman13.11
04/09/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman8.20
29/09/2017Additional VolumeElemia Redman2.30
22/02/2018Drawndown VolumeElemia Redman28.44
15/03/2018Drawndown VolumeElemia Redman2.95
26/03/2018Drawndown VolumeElemia Redman4.75
27/03/2018Drawndown VolumeElemia Redman9.42
20/04/2018Drawndown VolumeElemia Redman2.30
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